Dr. Simon Ourian is a total con artist who was caught by Yelp and was under investigation for bribing people with free fillers and botox for positive reviews (offering free services in exchange for positive reviews), and blackmail (threatening legal action against negative reviewers).

Dr. Simon Ourian bribed Ripoff Report to camouflage the bad reviews with good. They hype everything up on social media and over price everything. Don't believe the videos that he has online. It's incredible marketing feat.

Don't be fooled by the instagram paid posts by models, actors, socialites. It's all a scam. Beware that many negative reviews are being removed because they threaten unhappy paying patients with a lawsuit for posting a truthful review.

OURIAN, SIMON S., M.D. (A65201)

Beverly Hills, CA

Stipulated Decision. Committed acts of repeated negligence and failed to maintain adequate medical records in the care and treatment of 6 patients. Revoked, stayed, placed on 5 years probation with terms and conditions including, but not limited to, completing a clinical training program, an educational course, a medical record keeping course, an ethics course, and a clinicial-patient communication course; obtaining a practice monitor; and no solo practice of medicine. July 30, 2009

Threatening patients

Beware that many negative reviews are being removed because they threaten unhappy paying patients with a lawsuit for posting a truthful review.


Cool Laser for under eye circle removal $3,900.00 + additional creams, cleansers, serum cost... This Doctor should be named Dr. Ripoff.


Dr. Ourian is not gentle at all. He seems very cold in nature and not a doctor you would be eager to come back to. You aren't famous enough for him to be nice to.

Waiting time

The waiting time is minimum 3 hours, if you are having a procedure on the same day, after first consultation, the waiting time will be around 4 1/2 hours.


Read decisions of the Medical Board Of California, Department of Consumers Affairs against Dr. Simon Ourian

Ripoff Report

These are reviews about Dr. Simon Ourian on the Ripoff Report he bribed to camouflage bad reviews with good
1. Dr Simon Ourian's Coolaser Dark Circle Removal Los Angeles California (click here for full review)

I went to have some dark circles removed towards the end of June at Dr Simon Ourian clinic in Beverley Hills. I only saw the Doctor for about two minutes or so. Several of his untrained staff do the Consultation and they will only say yes as they want your money.

The procedure included going over the eyeball and under the eye with the Coolaser (without any protection). He also makes you sign a waiver to not put any negative material on the web if you are not satisfied with the results.

Well it has made no difference to my dark circles and I have been referred to eye specialist as I have developed what they call 'floaters' in my right eye. Also I have dark spots in front of my eye when there is no light or when I look at white backgrounds. All in all a very worrying and would suggest possible damage to my retina. All in all a very disappointing and worrying experience. Paul

2. Dr Simon Ourian Epione Medical Epione Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

On December 17, 2014 when consulted with and had Dr Simon Ourian inject fillers around my eyes for $3021.55 , I was assured by him, that this procedure would give my eyes a more youthful look I have had other fillers in my face before by other doctors and have always been happy with the results.

His office is beautiful decorated and his staff are professional and polite. For 2 weeks post injection my eyes were extremely bruised looking and I followed Dr Ourian's medical advice to eat lots of fresh pineapple to subdue the bruising. After the swelling and bruising subsided I noticed that above my right eye a 2 1/2 inch crepey unattractive lump developed.

This lumpy area was "not" there before Dr Ourians injecting fillers around my eyes. This makes my right eye look 10 years older and unattractive. Even under eye cream and cover up could not hide the horrible 2 1/2 bulge over my right eye...

I thought that perhaps if I waited a month or two it might get better but it did not. In the interim I read a few negative medical reviews of Dr Simon Ourians injecting fillers to other patients, so I was to afraid to return to a doctor that I did not have full confidence in. Afterwards I consulted with a plastic surgeon in Orange County, who suggested I get a full facial laser peel, concentrating on my upper eye area would help me.

He also said that if this lumpy area above my right eye did not return to its previous condition that I could and should get it removed by surgery, but he suggested that I wait 3 months post laser peel before doing anything. This doctor from Orange County told me that "Dr Simon Ourian" made a real mess of my skin over my right eye. I had a deep full laser peel on my face and concentrating on my eyes. I am still recovering from this deep laser peel. I am not interested in having Dr Simon Ourian doing any more fillers or procedures on my face/eyes, as I do not have confidence in this mans medical judgement.

So I called up his assistant Rana, who was very polite and referred me to Dr Simons Ourian "Director of Operations" David Ehrlich, and I spoke to him and even mailed him a few photos that show the big unattractive lump above my right eye. I requested a full refund of the $3021.55 that I paid Dr Simon Ourian on December 17, 2014 for fillers around my eyes.

David Ehrlich,(The In house Council) on behalf of Dr Simon Ourian refused to refund my money!! I cannot believe that this doctor is so unethical, and so poorly skilled and refused to return my money after my right eye terrible and alot worse then before!!

I would strongly advice anyone to avoid going to Dr Simon Ourian, as he is a doctor who can potentially damage your face with with his terrible injections and medical procedures. I will have no choice but file a complaint with the "Medical Board of California" and the Better Business Bureau for the damage that Dr Simon Ourian has created to the skin above my eyes by him injecting fillers in December 2014.

I am writing this review to help prevent anyone else from from going threw the same pain, expense, suffering and facial deformation that I have now by letting Dr Simon Ourian inject fillers above and around my eyes.

3. Epione Corporation - Dr Simon Ourian Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

I wish I had found this website before, now I have lost thousands of my hard earned dollars on something that did not work! This company overcharges for services that they make you think will make a huge difference-WRONG! I fell for their commercial on TV, I looked at their before and after shots and it looked exciting.

His Persian assistant tried to use her sales tactics to get me to buy the $4000 coollaser treatment. I said I wanted to think about it, she said I should decide soon because the prices would go up 15% in two weeks. I felt pressured by her, and a year later the price NEVER went up. They are liars. On top of that, the Dr. Rushed the procedure on me to go on to his next client. That $4000 job was 30 seconds of his time, it was a sloppy job that was not thorough.

Worst of all, my face looks exactly the same! He is a greedy Dr. that wants to get as many patients as possible and treat them like a number-nothing like him in the commercial. I thought I was the only one until I found this website, I wish I knew. I would love a class action lawsuit against this Dr. I wanted my money back but instead wanted to sell me more of his other services "that may work better on me".

Please contact me if you want to justice against this rip off corporation. Susan Long Beach, California U.S.A.

4. Epione Lazer Treatment Center Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

I left a deposit in the amount of $1000.00 with Epione Lazer treatment center in 2004. I was going to have micro lipo done to remove fat deposits to the lower eye lid. I decided to not have the procedure done. I called to let the center know that I would no tbe able to have this procedure done. I called at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure to let the un friendly staff know that I would like to not have any procedures done. My mother was dying and I would not be able to persue further treatment.

Many attempts have been made to ask Epione Dr Simon Ourian to credit me fot the money I have spent. No answer or call came back to me. In April of 2005 I went to the Epione center to try to talk to Dr Ourian. I was with my lady friends. This only resulted in the staff calling Beverly Hills Police Department to have me removed from the center and lying to the officers saying I was causing trouble when all I wanted to do was talk to Dr Ourian.

Now the center has $1000.00 of mine and ignores any and all contact. Thelast person I spoke to in June was a girl names Shaudine. I expressed to her that Dr Ourian might not refund a deposit, but should credit me for that money for something I want to have done but not to keep the oney. She said she would call me back with a decison. It is now almost August and I have no more faith in this center. I dont have alot of money like a sucessfull plastic surgeon such as Dr Ourian who earns millions of dollars per month on his work. I want to take this to court yet I have no funds ot do so. My whole perspective to having work done by Dr Ourian was because I wanted to enhance my appearence and work for a plastic surgeon in the future.

Now all I have is emotional scarring and wasted monies. I spent $3500.00 on a procedure plus more with the compound of products the compny pushes on you if you dont have any procedure done. Joann Schaumburg, Illinois U.S.A.

5. Epione - Dr. Simon Ourian License # A65201 - Siamak Ourian Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

September 18, 2005: Being that this is a permanent filler, why didn't Dr. Simon Ourian have a thorough consultation with me to discuss the risks and disclose that it is not FDA approved? This doctor is behaving like he's the doctor in a mad Frankenstein movie! The day I went in on Aug. 11, 2005 to show him these mortifying photos of the injuries he's caused me due to his negligence, liability, battery, fraud and thievery.

Taking $2000 from me while he had not one idea of what he was doing? No knowledge of the product, no technique, Ourian compelled me trust him while lying straight to my face. Ourian was referred to me for the consultation of the possibility to have a burst blood vessel on my eyelid lasered in the hopes to make disappear.

Till this day, I am not sure what type of doctor he is. But I've read on the internet that he's a dermatologist. And I've had Plastic Surgeons with whom I've consulted with to repair this damage tell me that he's just an internal medicine doctor; a regular MD with no specialty. Rather than evaluating my eye lid and tell me if it would be possible to take care of the broken blood vessel caused by an eye irritation, Dr. Simon Ourian really pushed this product called Radiance injections. He had his associate leave a brochure in my lap while I'm waiting for the doctor to come into my private room. Then intermittently having another sales-like associate of Epione walk in to give a talk about how wonderful Radiance is.

I was told that Radiance is just like Collagen. And Natural. Dr. Ourion concealed from me and did not disclose to me that Radiance is not FDA approved for soft tissue injections and that it is very potentially permanent. Nor did Ourian Disclose a consent of risks and side effects of injecting the product into soft tissue. I was made to believe that this was just like Collagen. This is beyond absurd. This calls for the revoking of his license, a look into the likelihood that this person is a fraud and to whoever is insuring him to drop him immediately. Lauren Pacific Palisades, California U.S.A.

6. Dr. Simon Ourian, Dr. Siamak Ourian Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

I went to Epione in Beverly Hills for a quote on botox. In the lobby a film/testamonial was playing about the 1 hour face lift. During my consultation, I inquired about the procedure which is a cool blue laser treatment and the use of fillers. The quote was $14,000+.

When I saw Dr. Ourian, I told him about a condition I had that most plastic surgian were unwilling to fix and Dr Ourian said he could fix it immediately using Radiance. With the hope of immediate results, I signed the contract and received several injections around my face.

The radiance is lumpy and does not stay at the injection site, but seems to slide down with gravity. No telling how long it will last, they say 3-7 years then it becomes tissue. I booked the cool blue laser treatment in which the skin is lasered and the eye area ... over the lids and around the bottom lids which is scary. My eye drooped for weeks.

The cool laser is not a recovery of 1 hour and it is painful and requires continuous attention the first 3 days. It took at least 6 days for my face to look half way normal. If there are any class action suits against Dr. Simon Ourian or Dr. Siamak Ourian, I would like notification. I wish I would have found this website before. Cindy Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

7. Epione - Dr. Simon Ourian Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

I went to Epione on the advice of a friend who heard I could get good laser treatments on my face. I was very excited to see the results of laser treatments here during my first meeting and because of the before and after pictures they have. I did laser treatments on my face and after four months still have red marks under my eyes and on my forehead and chin. I have burns here that are red because the doctor went too deep according to his staff.

They gave me other laser treatments to take out the redness but it did not work. My husband did research and this doctor has no area of expertise and is not certifed in any area to give laser treatments or to do treatments that a dermatologist would be able to do. Now I have a problem I did not begin with and spent thousands of dollars.

I am taking measures against this doctor who appears to be an expert but is not when you take the time to look at his credentials. I am very unhappy with my results and while I do not know if his before and after pictures are real I would say from my experience they musst not be real. Brittany bel air, California U.S.A.

8. Epione Center, Dr. Simon Ourian Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

I went to see Dr. Simon Ourian because he said he had this machine called the cool beam laser. Before the procedure, I was shown before and after pictures. I was really excited and happy because I've had these stretch marks for 20 years and I was ready to get rid of them. He made me sign this contract mainly to cover his butt. I paid $5000 plus for creams that he said I needed.

The procedure was excruciatingly painful. The laser feels like you're being snapped with a whip. It was specially painful because he used it on my breasts and I could feel the snapping on my nipples. Since I flew in from another state I had to rent a car and I couldn't even drive from the pain. Anyway he told me to come back every month for 3 months.

After the first treatment I didn't notice any difference. I expressed my concern the second time I was there and he just kept saying give it time it'll get better. Your body will start producing collagen and the stretch marks will go away. Nothing. I went the last time and again the same thing. Seven months have gone by and my body looks the same, no difference.

I asked him to refund my money and all he offered me was another treatment. I didn't go back because after 3 treatments I should have seen some results and plus it's very painful for days after that. His place smells like human skin burning. I've written 3 letters and he has chosen to ignore me and he refuses to return my money. Ali Boulder, Colorado U.S.A.

9. Epione - Dr. Simon Ourian (click here for full review)

I purchased a package of four Cool Beam laser treatments for stretch marks, plus four treatments for spider veins. Not only I didn't see any improvements in both - the results were quite opposite. The Cool Beam laser treatment was very scary. The doctor pretty much gives you a terrible controlled burn with blisters (which hurts like one with shreds of skin coming off in time).

My skin looked awful, and I had discoloration for at least half a year afterwards. After all those layers of skin peeled off my stretch marks looked only whiter, deeper and overall more prominent. I had had very modest expectations because of the nature of the problem. The promise during their sales pitch was at least 70% improvement - I got ZERO (and worse).

The spider vein therapy consisted of two sessions of injections and two laser treatments. As a result, I still have the most miniscule spider veins that were supposed to disappear under the laser. The injections permanently bruised the area around the larger veins making them more visible. Plus, I developed additional purple star-shaped spider vein clusters on the injection spots. Oh yes, in addition to the outraging pricing, I had to wait between 45 min and 1 hr 30 min at each appointment. You can't get your money back as they make you sign the paperwork that relieves them from any liability (you know, like all the doctors do).

10. Fooled by social media - Epione Beverly Hills (click here for full review)

I went to Epione because I saw the celebrities posting about this place and their Instagram had before n after pictures looking completely amazing. It was claimed to be the best spot in LA for cosmetic treatments so I decided to give it a try. You pay $500 for consultation that go towards your treatment.

I wanted to do the ultrasound laser to define your jawline and remove the under chin fat. The lady told me that would be the best treatment to see results within 6-8 weeks. It cost with creams that make you buy $4265. Dr ourian didn't even come do the treatment which made me mad. After 8 weeks there was no RESULTS AT ALL!

I called to let them know and they kept saying we'll talk to management n get back to you. I sent them pictures since I live out of town. A month went by and they still didn't have an answer. They took my money and it was the biggest rip off ever ! They want you to come back in and spend more money for something that won't work! It's a SCAM! Plus they have ppl posting good reviews who haven't even been to their office for free fillers! Be aware and stay away from this office!

11. Dr. Simon Ourian Epione clinic Los Angels - California USA (click here for full review)

This report is based on my personal experience, I visited Epione twice (in 19 January, 2017-/ 27 January, 2017) - I came honestly thinking I'd get results after seeing this doctor all over media etc.. But...

- A- There is no word to describe how I was disappointed after I flew out from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), traveled across the country for about 6-8 hours away just to this doctor. - B - Don't believe the videos that he has online. It's incredible marketing feat. - C- Don't be fooled by the instagram paid posts by models, actors, socialites . It's all a scam. - D- Please do not waste your time and money here. Unless you're a celebrity. - E- Be prepared to spend your entire day there, It was exquisite waiting room with luxury decor and model types answering the phones while you're watching marketing videos of the latest treatment they offer. without little or no consideration for your time,not to mention poor customer service and rude stuff.

Dr.Ourian was not gentle at all. He seems very cold in nature and not a doctor I would be eager to come back to . I wasn't famous enough for him to be nice to. Total p***k. - A- He were rushed he didn't take the time to go over the procedure with me and put me at ease. The procedure only took 3 minutes and considering I was hoping for a little more then a brief rushed exchange with a Dr. Ourian. - B- I told him I had old fillers in my face he didn't even wanted to listen to me. He just injected my cheeks and left. The entire procedure was 3 minutes then I was rushed out of room. - C- After 5 days my face were so infected and swollen and the color of the cheeks becomes red and very painful. - D- I called the office and I had to deal with this problem with the worst clinic on earth. I kept sending emails and calling his office and they respond to me with insolence and indifference - I was crying and don't know what should I do. The girl who answered the phone her name was Kristina Martinez - She was so cold and don't care about my issue. She was so clueless and rude. She said just wait for this swelling may have gone from itself, I told her okay I will wait, but unfortunately the swelling increased and the pain was unbearable.

I called the clinic two days later and asked for an appointment to see Dr.Ourian . - E- In January 27, 2017 I flew again from Philadelphia ( for about 6-8 hours ) to see Dr.Ourian and liked what happened in first appointment happened again. the scenario of waiting and ignorance was the same. - I had to wait for 3 hours, then they sent a nurse to see me and she said okay you have to take Antibiotics. And you don't have to see Dr.Ourian - I told her I didn't came all this way to take Antibiotics I have to see the doctor and I insisted on that. And to punished me for this request they made me wait another 4 hours, I waited and I was the last patient seen by the doctor that day , the clinic was closed.

- Dr.Ourian came finally and saw me and said what happened to you is not my fault and I will ask you to take antibiotics like what the nurse said to you, I told him that I told you before that there was old fillers in my face, why you did not refused and you injected me with another product,,,,, it's all about money ? - I was crying I want a solution to the pain and the swelling in my face, I was wearing scarf covering the terrible swollen, they did not sympathize with me and did not forget to take pictures of me.

They swelling stayed that way for one month. I had to see and paid for a new doctor in my city every week to get out of the fillers from my face.I came to this place with money saved ( five years of work) I was shocked at the price $ 5000 but I was so anxious to do this . His assistant said that the fillers material was special, and then it turned out that it's just Juvederm. - the nurse quoted so many different prices, I would have liked to have seen the doctor bc each patient is different. They try to up sale you based on what Dr. Ourian . They best interest to your money in your pocket not to you. I paid $5000.00. Same product different place only $1200.00. I wish I would of gone somewhere else instead of getting ripped off the way I did.

The staff so irritating. what happened I tried to contact the office, they was avoid giving a straight answer about the refund. The call center keep asking me to hold on and left me for 15 minutes. Clearly to punish me . Horrible service. Kristina or Christine was extremely rude. By the way you will not find any mention of his certificates on his website..!!! I wandered why,,?!

In the same time you will find most Doctors will boast about their Medical Board certifications..!! So please keep searching for someone else to give your business to. Do not let this man mess with your face.He is not a certified dermatologist or a plastic surgery at all.... What kind of doctor treat's there patients like this, terrible!!!

12. Epione Dr Simon Ourian Beverly Hills California (click here for full review)

Dr Simon Ourian made my eye noticeably smaller with his Collaser. now is very tight and has a large sore. When I raise my brows the one eye distorts and I still have puffy bag on my other eye from the Coolaser treatment that I paid $3000. Dr Simon Ourian's lawyer David Ehrlich refused to give my my money back! We should all complain to "Medical Board of California".

13. EPIONE DR SIMON OURIAN Dr Simon Ourian BEVERLY HILLS California (click here for full review)

Five years ago Dr Simon Ourian decided to put filler under my eyes. He also put fat under my eyes. I have one big eye with the whites showing and one small eye, I have big bag under my left eye. I look 20 years older. This literally ruined my life. He doesn't call back. When I went in he said he never recived three weeks of my messages.

I am using my life saving here. I am going across country to two different places, east and west coast for consults. I asked him to help me pay to get it fixed even half he won't return my messages. I found out after he messed up three different people badly but it was on their body. He ruined my life!


Down you can download various types of documents related to Simon Ourian

The lawsuit filed

Lacey Mackey vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC102269 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Beverly Milliken vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC094674 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Angelica Pamintuan vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC086064 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Jill Taylor vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC075792 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

D'arcy Ludwig vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC075204 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Alyssa Silver vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC073375 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Taraneh Sirang vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC077585 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Annablanca Teleky vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.SC063951 (download here)

The lawsuit filed

Kehyeian Lena vs. Simon Ourian, M.D. et. Al., Case No.00C00927 (download here)

Simon's Patients True Reviews From Yelp

  • "If I could write 0 I would *****NEVER GO HERE!***** ***THIS IS A RIP OFF***** they just care about money here."

    - Rae P.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • "Horrible what a waste of money honestly I paid 35k and didn't get no where near what I wanted not even 20% close to it "

    - Farah A.
    Westminster, CA
  • "Do yourself a favor, learn from my mistakes and DO NOT COME HERE unless you're okay with being ripped off. I have nothing to gain here."

    - Ashley K.
    West Hollywood, CA
  • "They called me and tried to offer me free shit to remove this review and I said no. That's what they do with all their reviews. That's why everything goes from 1 star magically to 5. It's a scam."

    - A B.
    Eyster's Avon Estates, MI
  • "Don't be fooled by the instagram paid posts by models, actors, socialites . It's all a scam. Dr. Ourian was not gentle at all. He seems very cold in nature and not a doctor I would be eager to come back to."

    - Nini N.
    Ardmore, PA
  • "If zero stars was an option that's what I'd rate this place. This guy is a quack and a scam artist. First and foremost this man is not a board certified plastic surgeon or Dermatologist."

    - KC C.
    Los Angeles, CA
  • "The issue was after paying over 2k for the treatment and having pain on my arms, I didn't lose not even a single inch."

    - Elina V.
    Granada Hills, CA


Epione prices are different for each patient. They try to upsale you based on what you want without discussing any matters with Dr. Ourian

Do not belive his videos

Don't believe the videos that he has online. It's incredible marketing feat.

Do not trust Social networks

Don't be fooled by the instagram and other social networks paid posts by models, actors, socialites. It's all a scam.

Save your money

Dr. Simon Ourian's treatments are so overpriced. Just for the consultations you will pay $500.00!


If you would like to know where you can find him

Dr. Simon Ourian

Born Dec 11, 1966. Also known as Siamak S Ourian

4 N Beverlv DR P.A. Beverly Hills, CA 90210-1540, USA

11915 Darlington AVE, Los Angeles, CA 90049-5634, USA

(424) 204-9522

(310) 550-7286